Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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In every meeting

I actually have a very secret agenda (which obviously won’t be much of a secret after this). Though I know if I wear my “see-thru school dress, or my leather boot, stocking combination, I will get a very positive reaction, I actually want more from you. (and Yes I promise to write a blog or two about my new school dress and leather boots).


I want to leave you with not just a positive feeling about me, but about my county Israel as well.  I have chosen to live here and I’m very proud of my country, this place is incredible, a country so small, so new, so dynamic and yet so influential… and if I can help in my own little way to spread that feeling, than I shall.


So in addition to really really enjoying the people I’m meeting, the relationships that are being formed, the really fun time together, the education of being an independent woman, internet technology and digital marketing…I get to add my own personal ‘ambassadorship” as a zionist:


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