Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

tel aviv escortsI”ve got an “hour glass” type of body with big Naturals (that means natural big tits), long legs and flowing blond hair. This is great for escorting, sometimes problematic for my day job (though not always). Whats worse however is the politics that comes with working in a company, defending ones turf, passing the buck, and other aspects that of human behavior that I”m not so good at. It such a contrast from escorting where I control the environment and its a simpler environment, but that will be for another post. For now we are back to my real job. (btw the pict – well that is what I look like at work sometimes when there is a important meeting with clients or managers coming from outside Israel – otherwise I can be found in tight fitting jeans.) – but I do button my shirt (well except when my favorite manager comes around, he really is pretty hot, so I let him get a peek at my natural boobs).


All of this requires that I divide my brain in a few separate sections: Professional day job, social life, family, escorting. The first 3 may interact, but the fourth requires “mossad” like secrecy. Emails, used and destroyed, notes written in short code for myself, not to mention the mental gymnastics  as I go from being subservient to my managers at work, to being the dominate big boobed escort girl.

to be continued….