Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

As a independent escort, one would automatically assume that I prefer a two hour meeting with the client as opposed to one hour. Well its only been recently that I’ve become more comfortable with two hours. In fact in the beginning I would actually refuse the to meet for two hours.

independent tel aviv escortI wasn’t sure what we would talk about. I understand why so many of my clients prefer two hours, there is no feeling of a clock hanging over our heads. In fact most of two hour meetings actually finish up before the two hours are up, they just end in a more natural fashion, but I wasnt sure about all of that.

Since most of my clients are older, they are not going to have sex for the full two hours. For some once is enough, it just takes them time to get their engine going. Others would like to know more about me, have that “GFE” girl friend experience and that takes some time. Still others want a combination:  a bit of “strip tease show”, a bit of “romance” with some wine and a seduction. All of which can’t really be put into a single hour.

As I’ve gained more experience and more comfortable in this job as an Independent Tel Aviv Escort, I’ve also become more comfortable talking to people that 5 minutes ago I simply didn’t know. My clients are from all over the world, all kinds of different professions and cultures, a second hours means we’re going to be communicating, beyond just sex. I’ve since learned to do just that and most important of all, I’m now comfortable with it and am now enjoying it as well.

It means that I no longer shy away from having a 2 hour meeting and if fact I’ve now starting to prefer them. I really get to know my client better, they open up more to me, which makes for a better second meeting during the week or on their next visit to Tel Aviv.

*and so far meeting a couple for 2 hours was really really fun!