Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

tel aviv escort

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m going to need my uterus to have babies in the future, I would consider getting rid of it. Being a private escort, having a day job and courses requires quite a bit of juggling, then to add to that, my period, which isnt that consistent adds to the pressure. Canceling clients, trying to reschedule them without going into too much detail. Of course there is always the client who says he doesnt care and I should come anyway. Well thats not going to happen as I can get pretty mean sometimes and impatient when those hormones start flowing. And I won’t even mention “the mess” that such an experience would cause. (I might bite).


During the last day(s), I offer an erotic massage and happy ending which, though not as good as the whole thing, I do get positive responses for. For them, I have to really work at it to make sure that they have the experience they are hoping for…When they go to the strip joint, I want them to remember the lapdance they got from me and how much better it was 🙂