Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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One Very Nervous / Excited Client

He wasn’t young, in fact he was my “target client,” and with our email conversation I expected no surprises…..

As I entered the room, I saw him sitting across the room in one the nice arm chairs that the hotel provided. He had this shy smile. He motioned that my “gift” was on the desk, but I decided to continue on to walk across the room to meet him.

As I approached, like a gentleman he stood up to greet me, we exchanged a few pleasantries but I could see he was anxious about something…

I pushed him gently back down to his chair and I got down on my knees in front of him.

I asked him about what he does, his family, regular stuff so that he would relax and of course I’m always interested in knowing more about who I’m about to get naked with.

I could tell he wanted my tits

His eyes were on my tits, looking down my shirt (I always love that moment, when the client so wants to see whats under my clothes).

First he felt my tits and I smiled, the kind of smile that says….keep going…..

Well he tried, he tried to open the buttons, but his hands were actually shaking. At first I thought maybe he has Parkinson’s disease or something, then he looked at me and said “you do it.”

I was sure that this was not his first time with a “working girl” and so I asked him. He answered that no, its not his first time, but since the Corona its been over two years since he’s had sex.

And not only is he nervous and excited as he has been waiting for this moment for a very very long time, he’s afraid of ripping off one of the buttons.

Understanding the Client

Now I understood….for some people, getting excited simply “takes over their whole body.” They have trouble concentrating, trouble writing, trouble simply operating. They are the opposite of the “cool operator” we see in the movies.

Sometimes I’m actually a bit jealose of them, to get so excited like that…

And yes I am sure he is going to have trouble sustaining a hard on. However I’ll make sure he does cum in the end,  it may take a little extra effort but we will succeed.

We'll need a few Condoms

After we got him hard (it was a team effort) we went to our first insertion attempt….that didnt go so well.

Condom removed and we returned to a more manual method. I only brought with me two condoms and at this rate, I’m thinking we’re going to need a few more, so I start to think of our options.

Can one “resuse” a condom that in affect was not fully used by the same person? I decided we’re going to find out.

I told him of my plan and he agreed to it.

Saving the Environment: one condom at a time

Attempt number 2 at insertion, this time we chose a different position, apparently he really loves to see me bent over with my ass in the air (the high heels really help). We had greater success, but still, room for improvement.

I did feel his confidence “growing” but we did use condom number 2. I took it off gently placed it on the side and returned to our manual/oral combination which we knew works.

Now I knew we were going to be just fine…..I could just feel it in my hands.

We were ready for attempt number 3. I now placed his used condom so very gently where it naturally belongs, being careful not to tear it….began the insertion with a different position, where my natural big tits were right there in front of his face and soon we had success.

Save the Environment, Save Money - its a Win-Win

This was not the first time, nor will it be the last, when the initial insertion does not bring the expected results.

In terms of the environment we were throwing away a perfectly good condom that has reuse capabilities. I have shown that in fact we do have options (and I can possibly reduce one of my expenses).

I’ll have to take this option under consideration  🙂

Kim – the Environmental Friendly Escort