Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Outcall Efficiency in Tel-Aviv

Outcall Efficiency in Tel-Aviv

As an independent Escort, a freelancer, I’m always balancing my time: Day job, professional studies, escorting, family, friends, etc.

Escorting, be it visiting clients, writing blogs, studying what Google wants (google analytics), etc, can be very time consuming. Efficiency is constantly on my mind.

Identifying those areas where I can be more efficient is critical.

Playing Catch Up

As I’ve progressed within my work as an independent escort, I’ve had to learn on my own. There are not really any good DIY books on escorting. There are a lot of  “tell all” books and a few blogs/books for the “beginning escort,” but nothing about a serious business plan.

My business plan is always being modified to adjust to the latest changes in my environment. I’m always playing “catch up,” always being caught by surprise.

What has changed now, is that I’m now starting to work in what I called my “future profession.” It is now actually happening. This means my time for everything else is now further limited.

Identifying the Escort Parameters for Efficiency

One aspect where I’m getting better at, is identifying the type of clients Their emails reveal a lot about them.

Its very important for me as an independent escort to quickly identify potential clients. There are those that may not have the time for me or just want to “chat with the escort girl”.

I have yet to do the stats or make a complex xcell chart that cross references, nationalities, age, cultures, time of year, and most import writing style.

The Writing Style

The way a person writes to me is very indicative of the chances of us meeting. The sentences  and word combinations tells a lot about the person behind the writing.

Its not a matter of me cancelling, its a matter of how serious they are, their expectations, where they are staying etc.

As I identify my potential client through the email, if its a “low chance client” I now have to learn to reduce the chat time.  No doubt I will lose some potential escort clients, but that is a small cost to pay as my real profession, is now actually beginning. 🙂

BTW, One word when used, always and I mean always is indicative of a low meeting success rate:

Calling me “Babe”  in the email.