Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Usually the man is about 45+ and has not seen “much action” over the last 10 years and is very excited about his invitation for his TelAviv Escorts

Married or Divorced but always conservative, sticking to the basics, be it his wife, girlfriend or even an short romance: kiss kiss kiss, grab tits, bj, missionary position, maybe she’s on top….and thats more or less how it ends.


When I recognize that, this where the fun really begins. First there is the economics, I know that if I show him what he’s only dreamed of, or fantasized about over these years he’ll invite me, his TelAviv Escort for a second round (and not look around for other TelAviv Escorts).


Just as enjoyable to me, is the look upon his face as i leave, its that “puppy dog” look of “don’t leave me, please stay, I hadn’t realize what I’ve been missing all of these years.”


So what actually happens? It varies, it could be me just lying on the bed with my legs spread wide and just letting him look, play with himself, or to simply play with me. Its giving him the freedom, not to have to be concerned with my orgasm or if his touch ‘arouses’ me. I’m letting him be totally aviv escort He can even tell me the position he wants me in, without wondering if it will be good for me. ¬†Once I manage to get this out of him, he has a sense of freedom (for these guys, who are smart, intelligent, its like they’ve been “feminized” and don’t know how to express what they want).


So once this “cat is out of the bag”, I ‘ve been with him for an hour and usually have to go. They’ve just started to really enjoy themselves but now they want more, so many more fantasizes to be realized, so many positions to try out. And I’m more than happy to return.


Of course there is the “down side” to this for them. I can’t imagine any of them returning home and asking their wives or girlfriends to wear stockings, a short dress with no bra and then plan on pushing them over over the kitchen table and stick it in, without them wondering what happened on that last business trip.


He just has to wait for his next trip to see me again and I get to watch him “grow” at every meeting ¬†– kind of like a therapist*



*just a note, though clearly there is a lot going on with many of my clients and I do see the changes with them as we meet, but I am no means any kind of therapist, psychologist and psychiatrist, though I get to play one with you.