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Forgive me readers, but this is about Google and me being a telaviv escort girl.


This post is all about pandering to Google. One of the fastest changing aspects in todays world is the internet. With the changing laws worldwide concerning internet advertising for sex-workers, and escort girl my position in Google’s organic engine has changed for the worse as escort portals with their greater resources have pushed me down.


Google Positioning for an Escort Girl

To position myself in Google, I need a post(s) that uses many of the words my clients use to find an independent private escort service in Tel Aviv, or Israel. I won’t be doing what is called “key stuffing” which is throwing in all kinds of key words where they make no sense. The rest of my post will be English, just a bit repetitious as I reuse some words and phrases (long-tail key words)

telaviv best escortsSo where was I?


Being one of the bests escorts in Tel Aviv, if not the very best does have some responsibility with it. I want my clients, in their trip to Tel Aviv, to remember that the visit was great. I want them to remember that inviting an Israeli with natural boobs and a real blonde was in fact the highlight of their trip to Israel. They should smile to themselves when they return home and reread the only real Escort blog in Israel, written by the best escort found in Tel Aviv, Israel today.


Ok, so now that we have used the word telaviv escort service and Tel Aviv escorts (notice the “s” addition) quite a bit, lets move on to some new key words:


Their are other escorts here, most of the young ones are from Europe “here on vacation”. I do more than mere escorting, I’m also your companion as I also offer companionship services. (I have learned that Americans sometimes use the word companionship when trying to find an escort in Israel, so I shall be more than happy to offer companionship services to my clients as well). Of course there is also erotic massages for those who are less interested in “full service.” My erotic massages are in fact not the professional type of massages but I’ve got quite a few options and my massages do leave my clients with a smile on their faces – every time.


And there is more for those with lite fetishes. Feet, dressing up (me or the client).


If you want more, check out EVE for real BDSM in Tel Aviv Israel


Find the Telaviv escort girl:

I used those very words and got nada, zip, nothing. This could be a serious breach here. I do not know how many people use the words “find the escort, or finding the escort, still even if it is one or two, I still should at least exist on Google’s Organic list. So now I have to have a serious discussion on how does one “find the escort” in Israel today. Perhaps that is my next subject for my blog. It gets a title (important to google) it has a serious discussion and the blog itself has long key words as well as meta data that relates to the subject of how to find escorts in Tel Aviv today.


I’m probably going to add to this post from time to time as I watch my position in Googles Organic Engine moves up.