Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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Public Service: Beware of the The New Escort Girls that want a Down Payment before arrival

I watch the Escort Ads, I want to be aware of my competition, trends that are happening, etc.

I noticed an interesting trend recently with the “new girls.”. I was actually curious, as to how there are so many new girls. Israel has been in various stages of  lockdown for the year. The agencies I understand, they just change their picts. It was the independents, that I didn’t understand. I wondered,  how were there so many new independents? Some of them claimed they were from American, S. America, England etc. places where working girls rarely come here.

The Research Begins – Industrial Espionage

One of my clients is actually a “researcher.” His job is in fact industrial espionage, otherwise known as Corporate Spying. Learning about your competition through various means. I really didn’t have to get in touch with him to know what to do, though I did put on my “spy hat” as I approached the computer.

escort corporate spy

Escorts in the Holy City (Jerusalem)

I thought I would start with our Holy City, Jerusalem. Every so often I get invited but have never been there as as escort. The actual travel time back and forth makes for a very expensive trip.

Anyway, I go to an Escort Portal Website and choose an American who now claims to be Jerusalem.

She uses Whatsapp and has an American Number. Ok, if she’s a tourist, that would make sense, but there haven’t been very many tourists here recently. The East European pros all have local numbers.

The Details

After our initial introduction I get the classic list of “services,” which is already prepared. I notice that her price list, starts at 30 minutes and goes to 24 hours. for both incall and outcall.

I notice that not only does she answer quickly (no translation needed) but she uses the terms “baby” a lot. She also mentions that she horny and need a man “now.”

The culture / attitude of this girl is clearly very different from the other girls that are working here. Nothing bad about that, but just noted.

Pictures are received and shes definitely pushing for several hours. The picts, like so many are professional photos and of some girl all over the internet (not her).

I ask about the photos, are they really her, I ask. She confirms that yes they are. I then ask that for someone with a large following, seems strange that she is escorting. She answers that what she does is her business ( a bit aggressive, but sticking to her story).

2 hours I confirm and ask for her address….

Bitcoin, Paypal, Western Union

She then asks for a deposit…this is to preserve the reservation, she writes. I’m thinking to myself, Really, thats the best reason she could come up with, during Corona, where there is barely any work for escorts, shes is asking for a deposit to “preserve the reservation.”

I write that I prefer to pay cash upon arrival. Her response is that I have to pay something. Now I”m curious, so I agree to pay via Western Union. She then agrees to accept 25% (better than nothing).

The address to send the money is a New York Address….well that certainly clarifies that she is not working alone and that she is probably not even here.

This repeated itself

The same scenario repeated itself on other non Eastern Europeans” that appeared in Escort portals. Always asking for a deposit, sometimes it was to be sent to Hong Kong, or Dubai.

NEVER EVER EVER…Send a Deposit

If a girl wants a deposit first  be well aware that your probably never going to see her. Of course there are always exceptions but…I don’t recommend taking the risk.

Just another result of the world going online, the con artists have entered the world of escorting.