Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

One of my more time consuming tasks are the emails.

It is here where the first contact starts and the first impressions are made. And its here where I try to separate myself from the competition.  I want to show how warm I am, that I do want you to enjoy our time together, that it is personal (all true),  at the same time I can’t start having full conversations as the time spent on the emails are not “billable hours.”


More than that I also have to “filter out” those who are just playing or curious about me, the escort girl. They will be asking questions about services,  (many of them start with the ” this is my first time inviting an escort girl….”), with no intention of actually meeting. And there are those that have special requests, and will only do so “slowly” and not just mention their fetishes in the first two emails. For them, I have to be patient and as our emails go back and forth  and they get comfortable enough with me, they will mention what really turns them on (fetishes).


Though I do require basic information, I don’t want to “rush” in and demand  it, it seems so cold:

  1. Full real name
  2. Hotel
  3. Age
  4. Country of origin

Yet, I will not be visiting without that information. One option is to put in a contact form, I’ve noticed that many other girls do it and it probably works as a filter, yet I myself really don’t like filling out contact forms, its a “turn off,” and so I might lose some potential customers with it.


Its under consideration, I might consider doing a test, by putting one up and then comparing results to “before and after, but still, I really don’t like the idea, it seems so cold and unfriendly. As I write this, my gut feeling says “no to the form.”

 tel aviv escort private


So maybe I’ll just make it clearer in my website,  that when I ask for the full name, if my request is ignored, I’ll just stop the conversation and save myself a few emails and not waste the country’s energy (server usage).


and of course sometimes, but just sometimes, when I do read what you would like (role playing for example with me being interviewed), my imagination does get the better of me and well, the picture here in the post probably explains it best.  I do answer emails when I’m only partially dressed, so all parts are easily accesable (and these are also not billable hours).