Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

tel aviv escort

Its been a nice surprise, When potential clients write me asking about when we can meet, they also mention my blog, that they have been reading it and its left a very good impression on them. I admit I really wasn’t considering that when I decided to open up a blog. My inital goal was a “sacrifice” to to the google god of page rankings. Since GG (google god), likes websites that are updated, that use key words that have good and changing content and GG thenĀ  rewards us by moving us up in the organic search window, I figured that, I would sacrifice some time every few days and write up about escorting, companionship, the fetishes that I’ve met, perhaps about the time where I couldn’t find the entrance to the fancy boutique hotel, or that it was I that received a massage for 40 minutes from a client. Perhaps I would have one of my escorting blogs be about the role playing. At anyrate my blog is now being read and just as important I’m receive serious compliments on my design. WOW, what a change from my previous site which as nice as it was, didn’t have the impact that this one does.


So there is a lesson for you my clients, A good website design does infact work and does infact affect your bottom line (and of course if you want to see my “bottom”….). So thats some free advice that you can take to your boss though obviously you might not want to mention your source (or maybe you should, as she might want to meet me as well).