Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

One of the cooler things about my escorting I’ve noticed is that when I write up about something, for instance wearing a baseball hat and having my pony tail stick out,  I get requests for it. Its like there is some secret desires in people that are only let out when their “given permission.” When I write about something it seems to remind you guys, that “YES” that does turn me on! I want that fantasy and Kim will do it for me.  (I love those reactions)

I rarely get requests for something that I haven’t written about. For instance in my coming posts I’m going to write about my cute little see-though school girl type skirt, and no doubt that will start the imagination juices flowing in my clients (or potential clients) and then I’ll get some emails with that request.  I’ve already done a “test run” with it and the reactions were very positive, so I’m confident the investment will be worth it 🙂


I’m realize I’m not really creating anything new, I am however finding a market where, at least in Israel, not many seem to be pursuing. Its actually quite fun as I look at our every day activities and wonder which ones contain those hidden fantasies that excite my clients and then me…


and make no mistake about it, when you get excited, so do I!!!!!!!