Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escorting while rockets fly

Escorting while Rockets (real ones) Fly…

This morning, first thing I did  as per my  habit, I checked my emails for escorting work. And then I started reading the news: Israel woke up to increased tensions between Gaza and Israel after Israel took out the leader of Islamic Jihad. As can be expected they reacted with firing their rockets into Israel.

Tel Aviv and the south has now been closed as  the tensions increase. At this point no one really knows how this round will end. The immediate affect for me as a Freelance Escort girl is rather interesting.

While I stay at home and work on a few of my projects, I also check the emails and check into Google Analytics and there is a spike in site visitors and emails.

At first I wondered where that is coming form, then I realised there is a logic behind it. My clients and potential client are all in their hotel rooms, with their meetings cancelled. They’re kind of in some kind of “house arrest” stuck in their hotel rooms, wondering what to do.


Surfing the Internet, Visting Escort Sites

Some no doubt are working remotely but for some its not why they are visiting here and so they are waiting for the tensions to return to normal and get on with their work. In the meantime, they’re surfing the internet, going to porn sites and looking at Escort sites. The numbers show that they are in fact finding my site, they are spending more time than usual reading the pages and my blogs and emailing me.

boss-employee-escort tel aviv

Escorting during Times of Tension

I have quite a mixed set of feelings right now as I am busy with my “day job” (I’m working from home). Escorting is a combination of fun, excitement and of course financial gain. When there is tension in the air it takes away from the “fun.” Still  there are visitors in the hotels that might appreciate my visit, more so now than in normal days. (clients sometimes tell me many things  that they don’t tell others).

And of course for them it will be the type of experience / secret that they will never forget.

On the other hand, a few people in the hotel, especially at the reception will take a second look at me as I enter the hotel (see my escort lobby sprint) as no doubt the traffic in the lobby is at a minimum and that always leaves me an uncomfortable feeling.

Still, as everyone in Israel knows, life for our general population continues, we work when there is tension, we take advantage of the time when the tensions are at a minimum to enjoy life.

As our economy is export oriented, we do have to take care of our visiting businessmen and woman even during times when  the rockets are flying, and this includes their escorting needs.

Which  means, I’m open for business 🙂