Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

One of the more interesting aspects of my escorting is the education in being a freelancer. I never really gave this much thought, but it does fit nicely in to my future plans. Its not just the scheduling of my clients (btw, I am now getting advanced scheduling, months in advanced) and balancing the unexpected changes that occur last minute. Its also specific requests, pricing schedules, exchange rates, travel times, (as I have learned to avoid certain times in certain areas for traffic reasons) not to mention new expenses for specific clothing requests and toys that I am buy for my clients.


tel aviv escort serviceThis is all well and good, but there was one real surprise, and it will affect each business differently. HOLIDAYS.


Holidays means I won’t be working. My business clients are either with their families or on vacation, but definite not working. Do you know how many holidays they have here in Israel? LOTS: Israel’s national holidays, Jewish Holidays and Christian Holidays,  plus my work is affected by American holidays as well  (most of my clients are American).


And its not just the holidays themselves it also means the days before and after the actual holidays when my clients are flying here. Add to that I don’t work during my period (3-5 days a month), weekends where I’m working part days (No Friday nights or  Saturday days) and I have a rough estimate that I”m working maybe 2/3 of the year, maybe even less.


Its been an eye opener, realizing that every business looks at holidays differently. Hotels love holidays, supermarkets in Israel love them as well, Tourist towns have very small windows for their restaurants and art stores to either make it or close based on holidays and weekends.


And escorting? Well I’m pretty impervious to the ups and downs of the economy, but not the holidays. The more I offer in terms of roll-playing, toys, as well as gaining a strong reputation for being the best escort in Israel as well as being  (and I quote here) “a goddess”, I have work. Seems you guys just can’t get enough of an intelligent, natural busty blonde, escort.


The conclusion is, not just am I financing my own future career, meeting some pretty smart people, (that I would probably never meet in my regular life),  enjoying sex with so many variations, learning about digital marketing,  I’m also getting valuable experience in what its like to be an freelance businesswoman and learning the meaning of actual billable hours.