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The Russians are Coming….

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the European Song Contest in Israel next month or perhaps just the discovery of a new market. There is however an influx of professional russian escorts visiting Israel recently.

Apparently they are well organized with professional pictures (plenty of them), a local phone, Apartments organized for them as well as being practiced in translating the whatsapp messages from Hebrew/English to Russian.

Ever since I added WhatApp to my site I’ve been getting a constant stream of messages. Most of them are whats referred to as time wasters. They are not my target client, as they have limited funds (and low expectations).  They are a better fit for these professionals.

Minimum Escorting

My sources explain to me the standard experience with them (though no doubt there will be exceptions).

2 minutes of Whatsapp for the picts, address and “ready to go” explanation of what to expect. Perhaps a few more sentences but not much more than that.

Enter the apartment. That gorgeous girl you saw in the picts, taken by a professional photographer is nowhere in sight. Instead is a girl with no makeup, messy hair, not much of a smile, that sort of looks like the girl in those incredibly sexy pictures.

Dont try to start a conversation, thats not part of the business plan. Anyway she has a limited vocabulary. So its  straight to the “very used bed.” 15-20 minutes later if all goes as planned, your getting dressed and being pushed out the door (or you just want to get out as soon as you can).

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Maximum Tel Aviv Escorting

Then there is Kim (me), providing a very personal service fine tuned to meet your special needs. Furthermore though I am not a professional (I have a day job), I will infact treat your far better than one. I will want to meet you again (this is a kind of internship for when I’m professionally independent in my future profession).

We will first converse via email where I will get to know your needs and apply that knowledge to our meeting. My escort blogs, which I will ask you to read are for you to better understand what I can offer.

Escort Competition (for my SERP)
Well, these girls are not really taking away from my target clientele. Their prices are half that of mine, they are mostly in-call and they are not interested in return clients.

What they do in fact do, and this does affect me, is their ads on the various escort portals. It makes my fight for getting on googles organic first page, just a bit more competitive.