Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Safe Escorting during the virus Pandemic

Safe Escorting in Israel During the Pandemic – Its Possible

Safe Escorting is all about health. I’m young and strong, my average client is a bit older. According to the stats, I”ll be ok, my clients however, are more vulnerable. I have to be responsible.

I received an email, from a previous client. He left a good impression on me. One of the reasons was that I  learned that he is very committed to Israel and donates to various causes in Israel. One of them is very dear to me, that is of the Lone IDF soldiers, volunteers who are here without families (lone soldiers).

He mentioned that he is in Israel and just left his 2 weeks of manditory quarantine. He is healthy and free of the virus.

I was puzzled, whats he doing in Israel at this time?

Israel, A Safe Place during the Pandemic

He told me that after giving it some thought, he decided that the safest place to be during such a time would be Israel. The gov’t for all of its faults does care about its citizens (its now bringing home Israeli’s  from all over the world with special flights). He trusts the Israeli government more than his own or even the other countries that he frequently visits.

Ok I though, how do I confirm this. I do like him, still as an independent Tlv escort, I’m only too aware of the security issues.

I found a solution that confirmed his air travel, his quarantine and “freedom.” Details are NOT to be provided here.  Outsmarting the “escort”  seems to be challenge too many can’t resist.

Safe Escorting: Incall or Outcall?

Hotels are all closed, so he wasn’t sure where we we’re going to meet. He wasn’t sure about my policies during this period. Well, since my privacy and security still remain paramount, meeting me remains outcall.

He was staying at an Airbnb and though I was sure it was the “right part of town.” I still checked it out on google. I still have a strong memory of one of my first Airbnb visits, where the building looked like it was condemned.

On the plus side, scheduling was easy, traffic was light and the taxi driver arrived quickly and was very happy to see me. 

Now, I’m missing the massive traffic jams of Tel Aviv and the times when I can’t even get a taxi. I have no doubt those times will return.