Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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Sex Surrogate or Escort or Sex Therapist...

He had tried the sex clinic, tried the sex surrogate, the certified sex therapist, now he was writing me, the escort….He was in need of a real “sex therapist.”

The sex clinic was too “clinical” while the sex therapist, with all of her degrees on the wall, seem to be busy checking off things on a check list. The “sex surrogate”, was just an escort from an agency using a marketing ploy. He wrote that rethinking his situation perhaps an experienced, well chosen escort might be the answer.

Choosing the Escort to replace the Sex Surrogate

I understood why he decided upon the escort, but then I asked, “why me.”.

He liked my website, he liked the way I wrote about my experiences. He wrote that I seem to have a respect for my clients, even the ones with various fetishes. Given that the whole thing made him feel uncomfortable, he needed both experience, sensitivity and a feeling of respect.

Andropause and a Small Penis

It was time to ask, what was bothering him. He wrote a combination of Erectile Dysfunction and his small penis.

Ok, I thought to myself, this is going to be fun, and he is going to be just fine. I been in this situation before. As long as the problem is more psychological and not physiological  (Low Testosterone), he is in “good hands” with me.

For some men, they measure their manhood by the size of their penis (and some woman also  want a penis that “has presence”). And a small penis, does have certain disadvantages, starting with “is it in.”? However, that doesn’t have to be the defining feature of a mans capabilities nor his identity as a man.

Kim: the Sex Surrogate and Therapist

I like the title (sex surrogate and therapist), its as if I have an additional profession. Any way, getting down to business with my client meant a few hours together. Obviously I first had to understand my client, but its my experience that comes to play here. I don’t need the any latin based terminology to understand him. Nor do I need the 12 steps to sexual satisfaction as described by Dr. Ruth

My own system of relaxation, sexual stimulation as well as discussing the big bang theory of the universe, bring results.

We discussed his penis, its length, its width and how best to use it. I told him stories of not just big ones but huge ones and how they are problematic. I told him how strong men in certain professions all seem to have erectile dysfunction. Basically I was telling him that he is not alone and the numbers are quite high.

Obviously there is more to it than just a few stories, there is of course my secret touch.

Succesful sexual meetings (whether with an escort or not) tends to strengthen relationships, so we would have a “win win” situatition. And of course he would remember me for years to come, once married and with kids. (I like that idea that I did change / influence someones life positivly).

PER (Penis Erectile Response)

Our actual session took  over 3 hours, involved a lunch break, a few drinks, many escort stories, and of course my secret PER system. As expected, in the end we did have “lift off.”  🙂