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Sex workers forever....we will always have work

(even with sex robots / VR )

I had a nice dinner at my friends with her family a while back. At one point the subject went to my favorite subject: sex.

The mother of my friend (60’sh) said that she was no longer interested in sex. I took a quick look at her husband. Hes in his early 60’s good shape, good looking and has an active life.

My escorting has sharpened my senses as I ‘ve had to learn to quickly sum up my client from the first few seconds when I enter a room. (like spiderman).

I could see in his facial expression that lasted about a micro second a combination of disappointment / acceptance / frustration / sadness. And then acting as if he didn’t hear.


The Woman are NOT at Fault

Lets be clear, I’m not blaming the woman for their lack of interest in sex. Women’s sexuality tends to be multifaceted and fairly complicated, whereas men seem to be a lot simpler – now thats a real surprise 🙂

But that also explains why sex workers have been around since time immortal. Many of my clients are men in that exact position. For one thing even if they divorce because of the lack of sex, there is no promise their “new wife” wont also develop a lack of interest a few years later.

Now men do have a problem, living longer, living better seems to just exacerbate this problem. A few have mentioned that I have saved their marriage, by removing that very serious frustration.

Just the Girls

A little later on in the evening, us girls were by ourselves and the subject came up again. This time we had a bit of a discussion. As the only single woman (with an interesting bit of experience), I didn’t say much but did some “googling.”

The sex therapists have some interesting solutions which made sense such as “sex dates” so the expectations are clear for both reducing the tensions. Both parties having to compromise.

One aspect that I know of, is that when the mans fantasies start coming out, and he doesn’t mention them, the frustration starts and if there isn’t clear lines of communication, the outlook may not be good.

Sex Workers: Man’s Fantasies

At first the man is in heaven, he is married and finally has lots of sex. She can wash dishes and he can come up from behind 🙂

And the things she doesnt like doing? CIM, doggy….Ok, he figures, at least I’m having sex, I can live without them. But this is where the problem starts, the lack of communication.

If its not solved either by themselves or with a third party (sexy therapist), he’ll start looking outside, either for a romance or for an escort.

Now the marriage is in danger and decisions will have to be made depending up the circumstances.

Just some observations from an Escort who’s main cliental are married men who are no longer satisfied with their sex life and partner

Sex Workers: The Solution?

Are we the ideal solution? Us Escorts? Actually I don’t think so. I assume soon we will have sex robots and Virtal Reality for our frustrated “men folk.” Though for some men it may ease their concience (and be easier on their wallet), it won’t be the ideal replacement for the real thing either. Sex also involves some real human interaction no matter how many times men may claim “its only sex” its not, not even for them.