Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Memorial / Independence Day…

These two days always have an affect on me, just as it does for most of the country. Being proud for what has been accomplished, sad at the human cost. Those mixed emotions, bring me to my latest post.

Disabled People also have sexual Needs & Need your Support

Our society is made up of all kinds of people. Though Israel is kinder than many other countries, still our disabled have a difficult life. (the IDF’s disability committee are known for their bureaucracy…)

Never mentioned are their sexual needs. Though there are those  that are obviously disabled (we see them in wheel chairs). There are also those who’s disabilities are more hidden and they are just as debilitating (PTSD)

Being Recommended to help a Disable Soldier

For those of you who read my blogs, you may recall that one of my clients asked me if I would visit a friend of his, a disabled veteran, wounded in battle.

Of course I said yes.

I’m going to leave out the details, but because I’m flexible we easily managed, not just to get around his disability but we did so in multiple ways, multiple times (seems  he really had some pent up frustration).

The Challenges

The types of disabilities seems to never end. There are the obvious ones from war. Men who were once able bodied, enjoyed life and sex  and suddenly found themselves in a limited situation.

There are those who were born disabled and are more hesitant. As I write this I find myself not interested in any self promotion but more interested in having those people supported…

ZAHAL Disabled Veterans Organization

I’m not really sure when this gets out what the “offical” response will be: “Israeli Escort promotes IDF disabled veterans, but I do know what the “unofficial response will be  🙂

After you’ve read this, please visit their site:

TLC-Trust is an organisation in the UK that provides professional sexual services from trusted providers. I have my doubts that we will have a local branch of the TLC Trust in Israel. Still the needs of our disabled exist, whether they are recognized or not.