Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escorts sites go down

The last thing one wants to see when checking out their site

My site went down for about 12 hours. What a feeling of helplessness. I notice the site was down, emailed the company who quickly responded with an email saying they are working on it. After an hour I emailed again and received a second response that its a hardware problem and they are working on it….no more responses after that.

The frustration is that, without my site, I have no work. I actually have a second site, which serves as a backup site but its not up to same level as this site in terms of escort content, escort images, page titles, mega tages, key words and everything else that google likes.

The competition here is fierce, in the escorting / companionship / massage world and one of the keys is googles ranking since we cant put in google ads with escorting (and I”m sure the price per click would be very high anyway). The loss in work is the last minute escorting. Those that call up for an escort visit the same day. Its an important niche in my work and is very fleeting. Those that are planning ahead, which is my preferred client, I’m sure will look for my site a second time as there are actually very few independents in Israel with quality sites (I guess that will be in one of my future blogs).

Perhaps I should be putting some time in to that second site, and have it compete with this site (boy this things are time consuming!) – just a thought. It would be nice if the hosting company offered me some sort of compensation, perhaps I’ll ask and see what the response is.