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unexpected orgasim- tel aviv escort

"I'm still in shock...I can't believe it happened."

It was a nice day in the middle of our winter and I decided to get out and have a run before visiting the client that I had scheduled for the day.

I ran along the beach and I kept on running north. In fact I realized that I had ran too far, even if I took a taxi back home I’ll would still be late, in addition, my hot water wasn’t working, so I asked him if he would mind if I took a shower first before we started to play.

Given that he was one of my regulars I had no doubt he would agree. In fact he mentioned that he will put in a special soap for me to use.

Sounded good to me 🙂

The door as usual was open, I walked in out of breath, as I had ran the whole way.

And of course there he was directly across, in a chair, watching me as I entered. This time I”m not sure I was looking so sexy, sure I had on my tight running pants, the tight shirt that outlined my tits and kept them from bouncing too much, the classic baseball hat that is a must for any blond runner, but I was out of breath, so I was breathing pretty heavy (not a very sexy look).

Anyway, once I got my breath back, he walked over to me, gave me a nice large towel, pointed me toward the bathroom and shower. It was just glass wall,  not even a curtain. Clearly he was going to enjoy watching me.

He then gave me the special soap that he promised me.

The soap was very different, larger than than a normal soap bar,  different in other ways and it  with a strong sweet smell, still I didn’t give me much thought until….

until I started using it. I started with my legs and it gave me tingling feeling on my legs. I kept going up and everywhere the soap was my skin seemed to react. A tingling warm feeling. I brought it to my tits and swirled the soap around my nipples. There was something wonderfully strange about it.

And my client,  as expected, sitting in his chair watching, with his pants off. Then he walked over, to the glass and motioned that I should place the soap between my legs.

When I did that, the tingling increased, my legs went weak and I sat down on the floor of the shower. It wasn’t just the orgasm it was something more than that something that I had never experienced before.

I kept looking down at my pussy, what happend I wondered.

I looked up at my client, well I had to look past the glass wall that he had “dirtied” with his own personal fluid  (there was lots of it). He had a very satisfied smile.

After another 15 minutes in the shower, letting my heart beat slow down, I finally closed the water and stepped out. He was watching me, but with his own relaxed smile. When our eyes met and a slight nod, he was telling me that it was enough for today, that he didn’t want to “ruin” my very special experience with a typical sex visit…..he is s good guy.

I dressed, walked over,  gave him a kiss on the cheek walked out and started walking down the street..and then realized that the special orgasim had temporary shut down my brain. Good thing I had my running shoes on.

I quickly turned around sprinted back, opened the door, leaped into the bathroom and grabbed the soap, gave him a quick smile and left.

There is no way I was going to leave without that soap.