Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

When I first started designing my website I did my research on the high end sites. I was always amazed at how the women on these sites had a section for presents. There they listed all kinds of expensive jewerly, fancy lingerie, dinner clothes that their clients were invited to buy them. I wondered if it was even true, did their clients go an spend hundreds of dollars on them,  all for a little more attention?


Well I can happily say it is true. Though I have yet to get any jewlery, I  do have a client who, likes to role play and buys me the clothes to fit:

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Our last visit, we were to be in the office,  he bought for me a “loose skirt”, fancy stockings and an office shirt and they weren’t from any discount store.  We meet in the nicer hotels and he always has one of the larger suites where there is a real desk (not one of those small half desks that the standard rooms all seem to have). And as you can imagine he put me next to the desk, on that desk and of course bent over the desk. The desk became the prop for our action and his needs.


He was the boss and I was the new employee, I was also the employee that screwed up and was about to be fired :).  I had to get on my knees and beg him not fire me, promise him favors, showed what I can give him, let him do whatever he wanted with me. I was the employee that was caught “playing with myself” and he just watched…..he has quite the imagination.


but what was even more fun, was when I got to be the boss and I knew he was embezzling funds. Well for him to keep his job he had to do my bidding and that he did. I took this “powerful” professional who spends much of his time putting the fear of god into his employees and I made him my pussycat….I sat on him, put my hands on his neck, made him know that I was the boss.


Whats comes next?

I have yet to be his school girl, but that can’t be too far off.