Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Spelling & Escorting

Spelling & Escorting….Spelling  Matters

Whats a girl to do? People search for escorts in Tel Aviv using various spellings of Tel Aviv. Is there a space between Tel and Aviv? is the person searching for an escort typing fast and writing TelAviv and not Tel-Aviv?

Google pays attention to this and ranks my escort site at different positions based on the spelling used. This little detail adds hours to my marketing time. From the users point of view, it should not make a difference. Neither Duckduckgo nor Bing do that.

DuckDuckGo and Bing

Googles competition (granted they are far behind in Google), are  not as “anal” as Google in their search results.  Both Bing  and Duckduckgo look at the various spellings as the same word: The city of Tel-Aviv.

Escort Spelling Solutions

Spelling & Escorting: Google doesn’t really leave me much choice as I have to use all the various spellings of Tel Aviv in my content. In fact I just discovered recently that some people use TLV as a way of searching for Tel Aviv Escorts.

My content and my blogs have to use the various spelling  variations of Tel Aviv. So some blogs use Telaviv, some have a space Tel Aviv, some newer blogs will use TLV and after that I’ll start using a hyphen, Tel-Aviv.

I suspect that one of the reasons is to direct us to buy Google Ads (escorts can’t buy ads). However that is a theory…. and I’m not going to risk getting Google mad at me by going there. (see the Church of Google)