Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Escort Stealth Clients

My Stealth Clients

I’ve been getting an increase in what I call my stealth clients. These are people that are taking a greater risk than my classic client to invite me. They are either religious or a “VIP.”

As independent escort with a high place in Googles SERP, a high score for mobile in Googles Mobile test. This means that I get all kinds of inquiries*  Many are just time wasters, but not all. In fact there are those that don’t actually know how to write to me. They are serious about meeting me,  but don’t know how, many of these are my “stealth clients.”

Escorting for the Religious.

For those of you (and I’m sure its only a few of you) who have visited strip clubs in Israel, you might see the hassid (Religious Jew) in the dark corner. You might wonder if they are being hypocritical, as you look down on your own marriage ring. The big difference is, they are risking more.

If your wife / girlfriend finds out you were visiting a strip club, maybe its an argument, maybe you split up, but you don’t get “shamed” by your community. They risk that.

Stealth Clients are Special

Like all of my escort clients they also have some characteristics in common within their own group. To begin with, the want to know that I am Jewish (I am). They also like to know if I know anything about our faith (I do). We usually have a little discussion about Judaism, the various aspects of it and I can see that they are visibly more relaxed with me. (Discussing Jewish philosophy with a Jewish Escort was not one of their expectations).

Clothing Ritual Removal

Some men are so eager to get me in their bed, they practically tear their shirt off. My religious stealth clients have a ritual of taking off each piece slowly and placing them, folded one on the other.

When they are in the middle of this ritual, I usually ask them to look at me. I’m sitting in the chair, my long dress pulled up, legs spread and my hand on my panties.

This is my ritual for them: (blond, jewish, escort starting to masturbate). I want to give them a memory an association, that they can take with them long after I”m gone.

And of course its always fun when his ritual suddenly speeds up, and sometimes almost falls down while taking off his socks.

*actually those two sentences are for Google-I’m just pandering to Google SERP System.