Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Finding the Right Escort - A Confusing Task in Israel

I’m actually going to include the woman in “private” apartments in my analysis. Though they are not technically “escorts” they will still be relevant to many of the readers in my fan club.

The Starting Point

Lets assume you have just finished your schedule for your upcoming business trip to Israel. Your meetings are set up, the late dinners, even the day trip to Jerusalem.

You now check about which evenings are free for a little private fun. Monday night will work as will Wednesday. Your experience has shown that its good having two nights free. If the first night is succesful, you can always ask to see the same girl again. If its not, you can always try someone else.

In generally outcall to ones hotel is preferred, though at times, incall is always an option, so now its time for some research.

Strip Clubs…

It might be a surprise to many visitors but strip clubs in Israel that include lap dances no longer exist. After a long fight in the courts, the “lap dance” has been reduced to a “no touch” virtual lap dance…

I think that it misses the point.


If one is looking to visit a brothal in Israel I know of only a few that actually advertise and they are not in Tel Aviv. These are sad places with the emphasis on quantity rather than quality.

Once you enter you’ll be waiting in a very small room. Eventually a girl enters and explains with a smile the options. You agree and follow her to an even smaller room, with a narrow massage bed that barely fits the room. Once the money changes hands, her attitude suddenly changes and will not be so nice, her plan is to get you out of there in 10 minutes or less….Not recommended

Lets Go to the Internet…

What are the words we are using to find an escort?

• Escorts
• TelAviv

Now were talking 🙂 we get some nice websites (portals and agencies) of beautiful women, so many beautiful woman, professional photography, wonderful writes up of how they are always in a ‘good mood” always excited to meet some good men, always offering unforgettable experiences.

Incall….What to Expect

For those who have colleagues on the same floor and are not comfortable with inviting a girl, incall to her “private apartment may be the answer.

Since Israeli’s wont show their face, you’ll probably choose one of the beautiful girls from Eastern Europe who promise you an unforgettable experience in her luxurious apartment. Infact with so many beautiful picts to choose from on the websites, you could easily spend hours trying to decide. Eventually you choose a website and finally choose a girl.


Using Whatsapp you quickly discover that they are not interested in your questions about service about your fetish about anything……but you’ve already decided that your going. Eventually you choose a girl and agree that you’ll be there in 30 min.

Your still fantasizing about the moment when this beautiful girl opens the door to her luxurious apartment, in the meantime your waiting outside for her to answer your last whatsapp message. Finally it comes (30min late)…and your given the exact address.

You enter the building, find the apartment door, knock and she opens the door….and you enter, and look around.

You wonder, where’s the luxurious apartment? This is a single room with bed in the middle, a single chair and small desk. And the  girl who opened the door? well she looks something like the sexy picture but your not sure. No makeup, hair in a simply pony, simple dress covering everything…

Now your thinking what to do…stay? go? this is not what you were expecting….there is absolutely nothing sexy here at all, nothing. you simply feel foolish for visiting her and wasting so much time.

You know better: Outcall….

Experience is a great teacher, besides you really have no time for incall and you prefer the environment of your own hotel room.

Back to the internet. Agencies are good if you have no time and are not concerned with a quality experience or even communicating with the provider. Forget the picts, they will send whoever they have available. They’re counting on the fact that you are horny and will accept whomever they send (and they are usually right).

OK, been there, done that, not what your looking for

Still Looking for a Better Experience?

This time in internet search your adding the word “independent.” Perhaps with this addition of talking directly to the provider before you close the deal, there is a good chance of having that better experience.

• Independent
• TelAviv
• Escort

The internet is still showing you Escort portals with 10’s of women. Many of these portals all have an option for an internal search of “independents.” In addition there maybe a few private websites that are from independent providers as well.

Lets start with the portals, and we filter out everyone except those in Tel Aviv and are indepdendent.

Not much has changed: Your looking at picts of “extraordinary, highly educated, ex fashion models elite escorts from Europe, that are now in Israel….or that is at least what they all write about under their picts.

Ok, your convinced, you do your reading, trying to read between the lines, read their list of “services” and eventually choose one.

Whatsapp is the communication of choice here (never mind that some companies are now recording whatsapp messages due to new compliance laws).

She answers, you get a prepared list of what she is offering, perhaps 10-20 picts as well. (all professional photographs).

Since she is independent you can assume she will be willing to answer a few questions to confirm your expectations or even work out a future time to meet (perhaps you even doing this before your flight to confirm a date and time).

NOPE, thats not going to work. Did you ask about stockings? lingerie? Usually the answer is a simple no. And for sure she is not interested in some date in the future, if its not now, she will write back and tell you to write her when you are ready.

The business model for these escort girls (from Eastern Europe), like their counterparts in the private apartments is based on short visits with a minimum of “investment.”

Simply put: “your not feeling the love” nor the confidence that your minimum of expectations will be met.

Should you invite her? You already know she is not really interested in investing in you much time….nor is she interested in “return clients” since she is also not staying long.

On top of all that, you’ve now spent countless hours reading about and texting various girls…


Some of the portals that have those gazillion escorts all with professional photographs have an option for comments and / recommendations. There are also independent international websites that also have forums / remarks / recommendation, etc.

So the question then becomes which are actually true and which are just “stories / fiction?”

My impression is that the short comments as in ” she was the best I’ve ever been with and I will for sure come back again and again”   Are probably worth avoiding.

The comments where there is a little more detail, a bit more personal, probably have a better chance of actually being true….but there is never a guarantee in this business.

Running Out of Options & Patience

You probably don’t speak Hebrew, so that already eliminates the very few local websites that advertise “massages.” This could be a good thing as it tends to filter out a certain segment of the escort population that doesn’t speak english and is not targeting you as a client.

A private escort website in English means the provider is in fact targeting the English speaking population and may even speak some english.

Your hunt has now been narrowed down, but who is out there and how to find them?  A few website portals actually have providers with their own websites. Some of these international providers seem to be “full of themselves” as they explain just how exclusive they are, as they finish their PhD thesis in particle physics and how you’ll be lucky to even meet them (my reaction is “honey, no matter how you sugar coat it-your still an escort).

Independents with Personal Websites

Still, the independents with personal (professional) websites in general are more willing to invest in a conversation with a potential client. And with that investment usually comes a better service.

The “business model” here, is based on more than just a single visit and more than just a single hour.  Good clients can be used as references for new clients who are looking for reassurances, as well as written recommendations.

You can get a lot of understanding of her attitude during the conversation, while you set up “your date.” Her patience in explaining what to expect from her and her own questions about what you are expecting and your fetishes.

According to my numbers, its about 30% that will be willing to have that conversation with you.

One of a Kind

Of course any escort that has an original blog about her escorting in her unique website is obviously someone special.

You know the kind you just can’t pass up. Here is her contact information