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Tel Aviv's Escorting Scene 2022: Part II

This second part is a direct result of not just the additional information that I have, but by the responses from my initial post.

My previous post on the Tel Aviv Escorting scene has received over 1000 views (my average is 300). More than that has been the emails thanking me for the information. There were even a few emails admitting that they did invite other escorts or visited incalls and had experiences just as I described them.

They promised to first check in with my website before doing anything foolish like that again.

PART II: The Terms, What They Really Mean*

*These are generalities there are always exceptions

You’ve gone through quite a few of the english websites with hundreds of women offering their favors for money. The terms they are using do not always reflect the reality that you will face upon meeting them. I will attempt to explain.

BEAUTIFUL GIRLS: The pictures of the girls are simply beautiful, professional makeup, professional photography, professional studios and lighting. The competition is fierce, tens of girls fighting for your attention on a single website page.

Some websites even have new girls showing up almost every day, which makes it even harder to choose. One wonders how can there be so many working women in Israel, it is after all a small country and so many are entering an exiting like a revolving door.

Well they aren’t. Same girls, new names, different picts. The psychology is simple, your expecting a incredibly beautiful girl in full professional makeup. When you actually see her in person, your simply in a form of “minor shock” as without the make up you no longer recognize the girl you ordered, but your horny and have been waiting, so you continue – she could be any of the many girls on the site.

VERIFIED: This is to indicate that the pictures you are viewing are real and “up to date.” The websites usually require the girl to send one picture, for the verification, with full face, perhaps the same hair due, a unique gesture, paper with the date.

However instead of the 20 year old in the verifiied picts, a 40-50 year old with a few additional kilos’ enters your hotel room (or opens the door if its incall). She may in fact be wearing the same dress / lingeria as in her pictures.

For a second or two your confused, she does look like the picts except for the 20 year old age difference.

Welcome to the world of Photoshop. Shaving off pounds, thining facial features, removing wrinkles is very strong in the escorting world. Women 50 even 60 can still acquire clients via the internet through professional photoshop work.

CONCLUSION: The word verified has lost its meaning.

INCALL, LUXURIOUS APARTMENT: Inviting a girl to your hotel room isn’t going to work. Could be that your bosses room is next to yours. Or your the team leader, its a small boutique hotel and your working around the clock. Whats left? either taking a different hotel for a few hours or the simpler route, incall.

No problem, the girls all seem to be in large luxurious apartments. You’re already imagining having sex in the bedroom, perhaps in the living room, on the kitchen table – its going to be fun!

Sorry, but thats not going to happen: At best your going to enter an enter with a single seperate bedroom. For most of the girls who are here for a short time, the apartments are studio apartments….and thats it. The bed isn’t even made up from the last visitor. Some don’t even have clothes cabinets.

The luxurious apartment for the most part is a simple lie.

THE SERVICES: The lists, most of these girls have prepared lists of what to expect of their services. Some websites have the list as an option, other sites require the girl to send it once there is a whatsapp connection.

Many agree to kissing and GFE, except for some they only mean the first initial kiss. Others mention role play, until you mention what you would like. For others, they write they will furfill your wildest dreams, until you arrive.

The conclusion here is just to remember that they are inviting you for as short a period as possible and are not interested in repeat clients as they are not staying long in the country.


  1. Lets start off with the most basic, there is no “down payments” no payments to reserve ones time slot etc. Send a payment of any kind and the communication will be cut off immediately after that.
  2. The complete menu list. Many of the websites have a section where the girls can mark off what they are offering. If every option is marked off, including video, there is no doubt its not them filling out the page.
  3. The incall hotel. If the escort directs you to a hotel, be-aware she is not there. We don’t have those kind of hotels in Israel

THE EXCEPTIONS: For all I’ve written above there will be the exceptions. For incall they will be in a real apartment, where she really does offer a GFE, CIM and even anal. She might even answer the door wearing some black lingeria as per your request.

Or as an outcall, stay the full hour and give you a warm feeling.

Most of these girls will be Israelis. (not all). Girls who actually live here, are interested in repeat clients, live in real apartments and have a full closet of clothes that might meet your fetish.

Women who have invested in professional websites will also be the exception to the above. Their investment in a site is indicative of a long-term business plan.

These girls are the real independents.