Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

I like Beer, not just as a Private Escort in Tel Aviv,

but as a normal young lady that enjoys going out in to Tel Aviv’s night life.

Our Rabbi’s have a history of established brewers in the sixth century so the tradition is very old.  Apparently microbreweries are growing industry in Israel as there are now several established small breweries through out Tel Aviv. Now I could mention my favorite watering hole of special “home made” beers but I’m not sure the owners of the establishment would appreciate the advertisement on an Escort site, or that one of Israel’s best private Escorts in Tel Aviv, visits his place.


Realistically it would probably bring in lots of customers as they try to identify the Escort Girl, but it also wouldnt be comfortable for me. Its enough as it is that I have to fight off the constant flow of men trying to pick me up, that number no doubt would double if they knew I was their having one of my favorite brews.


On the other hand, a little deal with the owner as in putting a banner on my site and I would probably get all the free beer I want.


As far as how the breweries intersect with my escorting, well its not to hard to imagine. My clients are from outside the country and during their time here, the company usually wants them to see Israel as well. For some its a trip to Jerusalem, or up north. Others take them out to see  Tel Aviv and one of their stops sometimes are the breweries.


I know he recognized me, but he was enough of a gentlemen to leave only the slightest hint of that. I was sitting in one of the booths when a bunch of older men showed up (40s – 50’s). They were speaking English and I was pretty sure the inevitable was going to happen. I had a busy week as there were a few conventions in town. They sat at the table near us (the Brewery itself isn’t that large) and they were clearly having a good time. One voice I recognized as it was with him that I had met only a few hours earlier in his room. Only a few hours early he was in the middle of a Role Play with me, where I was his little High School Student. As they talked to each other, one of them noticed us girls and asked us to join them. I looked at my “new friend” who gave me slight smile. It was enough of a smile that made it clear he was not going to give away our secret. At the sametime, I really couldnt see any good that would come out of us joining them. It was these times where I wished I had a card to give them:

Save your money, save your energy,
instead of trying to pick me up,
just send me an email and open your wallet and I’m all yours.

btw I”m writing this while in the bar and ok I admit my text above doesnt really rhyme and the text doesn’t really flow, but the beer I’m drinking is really good and the alcohol content is a bit high…