Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Tel Aviv Escort Playing Poker

Kim: Poker Playing Tel Aviv Escort

Strange Times we’re in: Now I’m playing Card Games… (lots of Poker)

One time, I would say it’s just a “fluke.” One of the peculiarities of the many types of people I’ve been meeting. Two times, well perhaps just a coincidence. However, its been more than 2x.

I’m invited to spend an hour or perhaps two with someone and its not about sex. They’re looking to spend some time with someone outside of their normal social circles. The games we play? Well its not just Poker, and I try to add a bit of spice to them.

Its not about Sex, but I try to make it about Sex

I get it, strange times, fear about too much touching, uncertainty. Still, one has needs, so I get invited to meet privately with a man (or woman).

There has also been an “uptick” in meeting with woman. Here again its not about sex. For some its their first time and they ar not even sure they want to go through with it. I now carry condoms and cards with me :), not really knowing what is going to be more useful.

Either way, man or woman, I’m not going to let them get away with meeting me and not having some kind “sexual atmosphere.”

Its not really Strip Poker, Strip Black Jack etc.

That would be too much of cliche (there are other things to “gamble.)”  I play to win, whatever it takes. I use my sexual attributes as a distraction.  My goal is not just to tease my opponent, but to disrupt their concentration. Whether we’re just talking or I’m just opening my legs.

If its a woman, I may just take a break, and bring out my rocketpocket and let her watch. After that I’ll keep it on the bed, as a distraction, (Maybe I’ll have to masturbate again?). After all winning does make one excited and for me excitation can also mean getting horny.


Am I good poker player?

Obviously that is the question on everyone’s mind who is reading this. Of course men do have fragile egos and I do want to protect my clients who come to me for comfort.

Should I beat them or be the good girl, keep my place and let them win?

Like a woman’s orgasm, they’ll never know