Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

telaviv escorts

I call it my Telaviv Escort Journey

I thought I new people, at least pretty well, I also believed I was completly opened minded / tolerant about everyone and every culture. I had an innate trust of people as my “default position.

boy, have I been educated.

In TelAviv I’ve meet so many different people

I started this work as a short term means to an end (TelAviv is expensive). I didn’t give it that much thought as to its implications or anything else. I saw it as as “win win” interms of a service I can give, that I enjoy as well the financial rewards that will impower me to move on to my next step in life. And of course the excitement of new experiences.


Some Interesting Discoveries

Well the first is that I a much stronger zionist than I realized. For those who have  read my blogs you’ll know of my emotional blogs about memorial and independence day. What suprised me, was when a past client made a slightly demeaning remark about Israel and the IDF. At first I wanted to rebuke his remark with facts and history but realized that  I really don’t need to get into a political argument over the internet:  I just put a note in for myself to never ever ever see him again (lack of tolerance).

Oh Boy!
My english is improving. I had a client that kept saying over and over again while I was riding him: oh boy, oh boy. I thought that perhaps he was imagining that I was a boy (even though I had my bouncing tits in from of him). 

I was later to learn that its just an American expression of excitement.

The Trust Factor as an Escort
No matter how well the potential client writes to me, no matter how good their English is, their ID has to be checked. There is no trusting  the internet. Too many times I’ve been given false information – so I’m less trustworthy

Reading Clients (I’m more attentive to details)
I really don’t have much time to size up my first time clients. The emails give me some clues, but when I enter the hotel room I have to be quick to understand the environment. I know that if the client is dressed up as a woman while wearing a yalmuka, than I will have complete control and he will be passive.

If its a young guy, papers all over the desk, and he looks a bit nervous, I know we will have a fun time.

Other hints and reactions may mean I have to take out my strong personality and make it clear who is in control.

Recognizing these hints has been the most educational. Sometimes its the culture they are coming from (some I like more, some I like less).

The first few words that a client says is important. (Calling me “babe” is not a good idea).

The clothes request is always of interest in terms of hints.

The Biggest Surprise

Its not always about sex, its about companionship more than anything else. And that has been the most surprising and interesting aspect of all. Some of my clients (repeat ones) are fascinating, intelligent, experienced and just a joy to visit with them. I would never ever have met these guys in a more “normal” profession.