Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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The Escort Lobby Sprint-Hotel Entrance to Elevators:

For those  who have read my blogs and with whom I have visited, know how I guard my privacy. For the most part I meet my clients in their hotel rooms, which limits my exposure as an escort to the outside world.

There is one part of this work where I feel particularly vulnerable, its the hotel entrance to the elevators to the actual room. What I call: The Escort lobby sprint

The Escort Sprint

As I enter the hotel at night, a pretty, slim blonde young lady, I always have this feeling that every one is looking at me and know exactly what I am doing and where I am going. Its not a comfortable feeling (I call it the gauntlet the run from outside the hotel all the way to the clients hotel room).

What I would like to do, is stay outside the hotel doors and watch the elevators. When I see that soon the elevator will open, I would like to quickly enter the hotel, push past the doorman / security guard (assuming he wont shoot me), sprint through the lobby , past the reception, push around the businessmen in my way, jump over their suitcases and push my way into the opening elevator, all the while being discrete.

Ok I admit, its just a fantasy. What I actually do, once I get past the doorman, is to walk quickly to the elevators, not looking left or right hoping that I wont have to stand too long waiting for the elevator doors to open.

Its entirely possible that one of the men in the lobby was a past client or even one I met the previous night. So far its never happen, but its probably inevitable.

Meeting me, the Escort in the Lobby

We are now at the reason why I’m writing this post, many times I’ve been asked to meet in the lobby or at the hotel bar and together we will go the room, It should now be clear why I always refuse.¬†

Along those lines, my yoga pants remain one of the most requested of all of my clothes options, which makes it that much more tempting to sprint through the lobby.