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Welcome to my site, except you’ve landed on the wrong page.
This page is all about concentrating information about Tel-Aviv Escorts in a single page. Links to Escort portal sites as well as to a few individual Tlv escort sites in Israel.

Just as in all Deities we have to sacrifice to them and Google is no different. This page is just one of my many sacrifices to Google that you will find on this website as I hope to find favor in his eyes (her?). I have learned that though Google has no particular feelings for Independent Tel Aviv Escorts, she does like text with, nice headlines with the proper key words, such as Escort. She likes external links to other Escorts, not just Escorts in Tel Aviv.

So if you have landed on this page, I strongly suggest that you click this link and ‘start at the opening page of my website.”

Escort Tel-Aviv Acronyms

Did you ever wonder what CIM, RIM, COB, DT, GFE…..all mean? Though in general I don’t use them here on my website, I have no doubt that you visited other sites where they are used,

In the interest of “serving my public” I have a link here for the sex acronyms or this link

Tlv Escorting / BDSM Sites

Alex is relatively new with a smaller site, but also a private independent Tel Aviv Call Girl

Need some hardcore  BDSM / S&M? There is an option with Fenya – Mistress and Dominatrix

and there is the old blog by Alex  where I still get referrals form

And  a general link for information:

Escort Blogs and Writings

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