Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

You guys have been great, its the holidays and I have family visiting.  My time as an escort is limited and I’ve been changing our agreed upon times a few times and my time with family changes. Also,  I really haven’t always been able to bring along my “yoga pants or secretary outfit, and you guys have been really patient with me.

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I guess part of it is the quality of my clients, educated professionals who understand that plans don’t always work out as planned.


Of course from a sexual point of view its been very frustrating, not only am I limited in taking care of myself as I have family sleeping all over the house, but I”m no longer getting my “weekly” dose of orgasims from work.


A  few days ago I sent everyone out to have breakfast…the second they closed the door I got out my pink friend and within two minutes I was screaming as I finished, and then I did it again and finally a third time hoping that would “hold me for the week.”  I had to switch batteries between orgasim 2 and 3, do you know how frustrating that is?


I really can’t wait to get back to work, I miss you guys.