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Telaviv Escorting and the Business Woman

telaviv escort

Every so often I receive emails from couples, more rare is the business woman. Infact I’ve received only 2 since  I’ve been working.

So I was quite excited to have received this one.  She was very clear about what she wanted. She wanted me to bring a guy with me, and  not just any guy but a young guy who  has hi  energy. We had a few emails that went back and forth about his guy. Iwork alone so I really didn’t have any one to offer, still I was interested in the details, actually I was very interested in the details of how she saw this action happening.

She was very clear about what she wanted and how she wanted it, she definitly gave me the impression that she likes being in control.

This left me a bit of dilemma. One one hand, I was excited  to be doing escorting to a woman, however, I like being in control of the environment. A few emails  later when I made it clear that its just me, she agreed.

In TelAviv: Female Escort with the Female Businesswoman

I really  wasn’t sure what  to expect. What kind of  woman was this, she sure wasn’t going to be passive at the sametime, I certainly am not passive.

And then of course the surprise,

She knew exactly what she wanted and she brought along the “tools” with her. The handcuffs (in pink), the dildo, the ropes, the male business suit, all laid out on the bed in a very organized fashion.

As I saw these items on the bed I stopped, looked at her as was about to mention to her that I will not be putting those things on me. She quickly mentioned  that they are for her and my job is to make full use of those tools on her.

This was going to be Interesting!

She wants to be the male businessman that gets handled by the female. Well I got to tie her up to the bed, spread her legs and used the dildo on her. She brought along a paddle with holes in it, why the holes?

A simple physics lesson: with the holes there is less air resistance so the paddle goes faster and  hits harder,  her buttocks were quite red by the time I finished with her.

This was going to last 2 hours, so I took a break, had some coffee, ordered some light snacks while I had her bent over the desk (yes it was a real desk not one of those mini desks so many hotel rooms have). She brought with her nipple clips, so I gave her one, and put one on myself just to tease her.  I promised to put the second one on her as a reward if she kept quiet while I paddled her again.

She had this “fear/excitement” look in her face as I approached her once I finished my coffee. She wasn’t sure what to expect next, yet she wanted it, feared it and demanded it ( I’ll skip of the psychological needs and analysis of it) I then  took her to the window with the curtains open. I put her up against the window (we were facing the city) and made sure her big tits (natural D’s) were pressed against the window.

Now it was dido time and I was the “man.” I brought over the chair for her to sit in. Its  turns out in a hotel room there are lots of places to place rope to keep your partner in one place. So  I had her legs spread, one rope to the bed’s leg, the other to the desk.

And the Reward

She  did  well, she was quiet the whole time, a very discplined and  strong woman.

I brought her to the bed, use some cream on her for where the ropes were used, where I paddled her, gently caressed her tits and nipples. When her  nipples grew and became larger, it was time for her clit to get its attention. It really didnt take long, in fact it was probably less than a minute, when she started to moan, this time I allowed her to make as much noise as she wanted :).