Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

The Clothed Fetish

I mentioned that I would write about the various fetishes that I’ve come across. This one is about Clothed sex. He likes me to keep my clothes on. I’ve been with him a few times now, so sometimes I come as a secretary including glasses with the tight dress down to my knees and tits bursting out of my open shirt.

Other times its a short loose black skirt with stockings. The shirt has buttons and I dont wear a bra so my nipples can peek through. Whatever I’m wearing he likes me to keep them on, the skirt, he lifts up, the shirt is open so he can grab and squeeze my ample tits with his hands and suck my nipples,  swirl around them with this tongue.

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and if there is a mirror, a large one, he will want me to be near it so he can watch me at the same time while he is playing with me. So he get to touch me and watch me being touched.

The Psychology Since we’ve met several times and I know what he likes and he is open to me, I asked him about it, whats the psychology behind it. He says that as he grew up with playboy and all of these other magazines to a certain degree he always wanted to be with one of those women, so sexy and just have the ability to “take one” when ever he wanted. Be in full control, be the dominate boss, the rich guy,  that takes what he wants….And he is living out that fantasy with me, I”m his own natural big boobed, blonde escort girl, its fun for me to, to see how excited he gets. 

Each time a little different but each time just as exciting as the first. And that also is the answer that so many wonder about, am I just acting or do I really care about you, my clients, the answer is yes I do care and I do pay attention to your needs and when you get excited, so do I! __________ and sometimes when I write these blogs and relive the time spent, I get a little wet…so I’m taking a break now.