Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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Bartering is as old as the Human Race

I never imagined how much time I would spend on marketing when I decided to work as an TelAviv Escort. I thought I would make a small website, put in a few ads in a few places and watch the emails start entering my “inbox.”

And this what happened in the beginning and all was well.

Little did I know that Google is a fickle kind of deity and can change her algorithms whenever she feels like it. And of course laws change as well. My SERP (search engine results page) dropped, my page ranking dropped, my emails were fewer and I was back to researching what happened. Now I know why over 50% business fail in their 3rd year, it can be very frustrating, not to mention I have a new respect for small business that manage to compete against larger business that have more resources (as in escort agencies and portals).

But I am not without my own resources, one of my older clients who claims that he is a digital marketing expert was returning to Israel. I explained to him my situation, He said he could help.

I didn’t want his help as a friendly gesture, I wanted to hire a professional and get professional help, so I offered him a trade. One hour of my time, for two hours of his time.

I also know that in the business world there are bonuses. If you meet certain goals ahead of schedule or under budget, etc. So I sweetened the deal. If after the two hours I have a clear understanding of the terminology, of the changes and what to do about it, he will get a bonus. An additional bonus will come after a few months when my SERP and Page Ranking have increased.

He agreed. He took a hotel room with a a real desk so we get some real work done. The first hour went fine and then we started the consulting, except I decided to really challenge him. I know that when he gives his seminars / lectures, he has trouble keeping his eyes off the pretty girls and imagine them naked.

He would explain to me the importance of the H1 titles, meta descriptions, 404 errors, etc. How to find them, which programs he likes to use for site crawling etc. When I understood something, and it was relativey simply I would reward him, bring up my shirt so he could see my nipples. If it was a more complex concept that required a bit more work on my part, such as defining which sites are my direct competitors, that are worthwhile competing with and not the larger escort portals, his reward would be more, perhaps lifting my skirt, moving aside my panties and letting him touch me…

Well since he was highly motivated did not want to stop I let him give me 3 hours of digital marketing consulting and some images that will stay with him for a long long time. It wasn’t really a “roleplay” because his consulting was for real and his fantasies about the naked professional being consulted was also very real. It was an Escort Barter Deal (EBD)

and my site? well I’ve gone from pages 3 and below in google to now no. 2 for certain search engine words (SEO keywords), so he may infact get his bonus.