Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

The Geriatric Party with Escort Kim as the Center Piece

These are strange times with the Corona and my clients are getting very imaginative as to how to deal with their sexual needs.

This time I was asked to be the “hostess” at a private party with some older gentlemen.

Actually they weren’t that old, in their late 60’s.

The person who contacted me was actually a long time client of mine who lives outside of the country and these were his friends.

At first I wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but he made it clear that my job is to be Hostess and anything I wanted to make of it….(He knew I was not going to make it into some kind of gang-bang).

The apartment, by the way,  was not just a regular apartment, but a penthouse on one of Tel Avivs towers.

I had to give this some thought as I really wasn’t sure what to do about it.

What Kind of Hostess?

I had to decide how I was going to make this interesting and fun not just for the men, but for me as well.

But first I had a few questions.

  • How many men will be at this party
  • Any Medical problems I should know about (weak hearts, Hi blood pressure…)
  • Whats the relationship between the men
  • Would there be expectations from me

So these guys are all childhood friends that over the years have been in touch with one another. They basically grew up together: High School, Army, University, Weddings…and meet every year to catch up and rehash their past.

Corona, obviously limited their get-togethers, but this time they decided to try again. And an interesting thing about males in their 60’s is that for many, their sex drive is still going strong. And these guys were in good shape so I was told not to worry about any medical problems.

I Knew the Type.....through my Escorting

As an Tel Aviv escort, I’ve had many older men clients, who have strong sex drives. One of the traits that I’ve discovered is that they are less inhibited than then younger selves.

Basically their wives (those that are still married), were no longer interested in sex and that seem to have served as a catalyst for their imaginations and fantasies.

I decided that I was going to make this fun, while attending to their various fantasies.

First the Rules.......

  • Everyone shows their Corona Green Pass at the door
  • They are not allowed to touch me
  • I can touch them
  • No “private rooms and no “private time”
  • I will not meet them outside of our little party

I made sure that my client that set up the meeting understood the rules and in addition, I required all of their real names. This was in case one of them did find “escort kim” on the internet…after all my plan was to send them home very very horny (as I’m sure I will be at the end).

The Plan.....very simple

No doubt they will have a lot to talk about amongst themselves. My job will be to distract them, and help them remember their younger days.

“You know, Adina, with the big tits at age 16 who we all had a crush on. Of course Ilana who seemed to go from boy to boy….

As a hostess, I will suggest the different food options, be their bar tender, be in charge of the music, and most important of all….

My Clothes:
Everyone of those men no doubt have a different clothes fetish. For some it will be the yoga pants, others will be lingeria, others the ‘secretary look’, the strip show dancer, still others the pseudo religious look (with a see through blouse).

My plan is to bring all of those different clothes and change frequently. After the first two changes I’m sure I’ll be the “show stopper” with them being very curious as to what I’m going to wear next.

And of course every so often I”ll have a “wardrobe malfunction” where a button opens up on my blouse, or I spill some water on some guys pants and have to dry it with towel. And of course the classic of getting on my knees to dry a spill on the floor.

I doubt there will be pole in the penthouse for pole dance, but perhaps I’ll drag one of the cuter ones for a dance with me…

My goal is to have these guys “drooling” over me and asking me for my phone number. (of which I shall refuse them all).


The penthouse was spectacular. just beautiful, and though there was no pole to use, there was this wide staircase that I used each time I changed clothes.

I would walk down it as if I was some kind of princess and all eyes were upon me.

At first there was some hesitancy with the men when I first appeared, as they weren’t sure of my job. Once it was clear that there was to be no sex and this was not a strip show, they relaxed and started to enjoy my little show while they enjoyed each others company.

I even gave a few very short lap dances, walked between 2 guys talking as I let my tits and ass rub against them and had to get down on my knees while I dried the floor where I spilled that water. Not to mention trying to get that olive that rolled under the couch, with my ass high in the air 🙂

And of course the obvious happened, several did approach me for some private time at a later date and “kim” did, as still does” receive some emails from the party participants. No doubt an economic price was paid for my privacy as I declined them all.

However, having sent them all home horny, no doubt many hired a few escort girls to take care of their horniness. So my own economic sacrifice was not lost and I’m sure  that my actions helped support our local economy. (a win for Israel).