Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

One of my goals is to give my client not just “good service ” but to give them a memory they can take back with them.

A fantasy come true.

In erotic strip shows/peepshows, sometimes some of the girls wear a face mask as they walk around teasing the men staring at them, letting them fantasize about her. Though I don’t know the actually statistics no doubt most of their visits are limited to just looking, and the limited touch of the lap dance. At best a frustrating experience. The frustration being increased by the curiosity of what she really looks like


Escort serviceSo I also have a mask.


Long after my client has returned home and they sneak into one of those strip shows (instead of rushing home), and one of the girls comes out with one of those masks on, I hope to be remembered.


He can remember that in the not so distant past, a sexy, blonde with natural big boobs, approached just him, also with a mask, only this time, she did more much much more than simply teasing him. Not  only that, he will compare and remember,  and he will remember that Kim was far more sexier, attentive and has perfect D boobs!


And, who knows,  if I like you enough, I might even take the mask off (among a few other articles of clothing).