Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escort nerd tel aviv

The Escort and the Nerd

 Amazing what a pair of Glasses can do (just ask superman)

Throughout this period of my life where I’m working as an escort, I’ve spent quite a bit of time on research. Some of this involved researching google and its SERP, others included online marketing. Of course I also check out the other girls, my competition.

These other escort girls are the professional escorts that work in different parts of the globe. They also travel the globe working as escorts (what they call ‘world tours’). These girls seem to have this vast wardrobe of designer clothes for every occasion. I seem to imagine them looking around their “walk in closet” choosing just the right set of stockings, hi-heels, lingerie and dress/skirt for their visit.

That compares to me as I rush from school / work / seminar to visit my clients. Intent on not being late (or not tooo late). I sometimes I forget to slow down and get sexy as I walk in their hotel room, and sometimes I forget to take off my glasses – hence the Nerd look.

Not so Easy, keeping my Glasses On

He asked me to keep them on.  It turns out that keeping ones glasses on during the action is not so easy. They seem to bounce, fall off, get in the way amongst a few other things I discovered. Its a fetish that I had not considered, (as are my yoga pants/pony tail/wetlook). Apparently I’m going to have to buy one of those glasses straps that keep ones glasses on during sports.

Or maybe the opposite, I’ll have to buy one of those chains that librarians wear where I can take off my glasses and they will stay on my ample chest (also very nerdy- the chain, not my tits). Of course I’m sure some of my more nerdy clients had a librarian crush.

Given that as an independent Tel Aviv escort, I am service oriented, I tried my best to keep my glasses on for my client. It became pretty obvious where my friend wanted to declare his success 🙂 – on my glasses. Now every time I pick up my glasses, I get to remember my latest fetish discovery and I seem to unconsciously clean them again and again.

More than the actual fetish, its interesting the way the information comes out. My escort clients are relatively normal and it seems that they have trouble verbalizing what they want from me, even when I ask on the emails. If however I just happen to arrive with exactly what they would like to see but couldn’t tell me, they just get so excited.

I would guess my more experienced competition actually have sets of glasses to match their shoes and dresses. I wonder, do they replace them every so often?