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The Prostrate Massage from your friendly TelAviv Escort

I actually get quite a few request for the prostrate massage. Infact sometimes its all they want from me. We should start off with an article about it:

Sexual Prostate Massage: 
The Ultimate in Orgasmic Sex 
for Men

And though when i first started working as an escort I had limited experience with the prostrate massage, it has grown over time and of course I did my research as well. One of the more interesting things I came across was the reason so many men asked me for it.

They don’t want to ask their wives.

It was the type of question that they couldn’t “take back.” It one thing to ask your wife to get dressed up like a street walker, or wear some sexy lingeria, or even to cum in her mouth, but its a whole different world to ask for a prostrate massage. She may start wondering who else visited that “back end of yours.”

The reality is very different, it can just be incredibly erotic to have a prostrate massage and those who have had it find it to be a stronger orgasim than regular sex. Its funny how some of my clients approach the subject, sometimes slightly embarrassed, sometimes, they want me to suggest it and then there was my last client.