Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

The school girl dress (worn by me, your escort).

What is it that turns you men on so much about a high school girl, what is that that you missed in High School? Well we all know don’t we. In high school you were probably one of the 90% of males that had limited confidence, no experience in talking to girls, not yet matured into a man, while all around you were girls that had their tits bursting out of their shirts, their tight asses, swaying infront of you while walking down the hallway and all your could do is fantasize. Worse of course were the cheerleaders…
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And to make matters worse we now see all these high school movies where the big guy always gets the fully developed girl which  is not exactly how you remember your high school experience.


so I”m offering you the option of fixing that experience. Not only do you get the “high school” sexy blonde with the big naturals, but you get her anyway you want.

Want a lap dance from a high school girl?, want that high school girl on her knees? Its your fantasy, your time to “fix” that very frustrating high school experience and replace it with the way things should have gone.

After me, everytime you see one of those cute high school girls in the street, with everything perfectly in place, all you have to do is remember me and you can smile, remembering that you finally got your high school girl.