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What exactly is it about the “office worker, secretary” that turns on men so much? Seriously, do you know just how many requests I get to come wearing a secretary outfit? And of course we add roll playing to the scenrio as well. Having me sit at a desk while the “boss” comes over to help me with something, and looks down my open shirt (ok, so that part is actually real and happens in my real day job!). Here I let the “boss” slip his hand down my blouse and feel my tits, squeeze my nipples all the while trying to explain some css coding to me. At that point the “boss’ is usually, rubbing his cock against my shoulder, and I can feel how he is just begging me to take it out and start sucking.

Of course that is the classic scenario, apparently not limited to my private escorting in Tel Aviv, but world wide, but the question remains, what is it about it that so turns men on?

Maybe in a different post I’ll write about my actual office experiences…as an escort