What type of Services do I provide as an Escort?

Tel-Aviv Escorts and My Escort Services (FAQ)

Inevitably, the potential client is going to ask me: as a Tel-Aviv Escorts ” What exactly are the services that I provide?”

Its a fair question given the wide variety of services offered and provided by Tel-Aviv Escorts (and there is not always a connection between the two).  The FAQ’s below have the most prevalent questions and I’ll  be adding to them as time goes by.

Also bear in mind that definitions also vary  (GFE  being the most vague of them all). For those I’ll be happy to expand upon in an email.

YES, I live here in Tel Aviv, and have chosen to work as an independent escort part-time. (something that is difficult to understand to those prissy pseudo feminist busybodies who make working womans' life difficult). I have no "pimp" no "handler" no "organizer."

Whatsapp and Emails have a different dynamic to them. Whatsapp "demands" instant replies, is intrusive. Email is less demanding, is slower paced. Since I have a day job I don't always answer immediately

Also, Whatsapp would require me to carry two phones with me, which I don't need to do with email.

Fair question, though you won't get from me a "menu." The experience with me is more of a GFE as opposed to a PSE experience. Kinky and Lite BDSM are real options.

And Safe Sex...

Definitly not. I would have no idea to whom I'm sending my photos. I live here in Tel Aviv as does my family.

I also have a regular job. Such exposure would / could be devastating.

I will require your full registered name at the hotel (with the correct spelling).

If your returning to your hotel room before we meet, I will wait for you email to confirm that your are in your hotel room.

I also offer a sympathetic ear and touch for those in need of a more special time with an experienced woman.

I do not have Incall. I shall meet you in a 4/5 star hotel or possibly an Airbnb (though this may require some additional information about you).

Many hotels have day use. (Vital, Sadot for examples)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). I have regular checkups and protection while interacting with my clients. My health is non-negotiable.

I am exactly the  escort you need, as I will be more than happy to let you have your fetish. Just tell me what it is in our emails, don't be shy.

My public profession has me working with different people all over the country. In addition I also give seminars and lectures.

And no, I will not be telling you what I do professionally. 🙂

Yes, I have received both shots and the booster shot.