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TLV Escorting Orgasm deficit

Orgasm Deficit – Tlv-Escorting Pause

Between working as a Tlv escort and giving myself orgasms as rewards for reaching goals in my education, my clitoris is used to a lot of attention. Obviously Tlv escorting is almost non-existent and my clitoris is feeling this deficit.

My rocketpocket has always been used as the reward (though not always). If I succeed in solving a problem (including a “google challenge”), especially a particular difficult one, then I deserve a break.

Since this is a short break, I just stay at my desk. I open up one of the porn portal sites (xvideo, pornhub, etc),
I do a search for whatever sexual fantasy I’m having at the moment (no, I”m not telling) and I have my 5-20minute break.

Orgasm Deficit Continues

Stuck at home all day can be frustrating as we all know. We are all now using the internet (much for porn), all day, all the time. This reduces the bandwidth for all of us and affects my porn watching.

My large screen, my need for quality images (HD) requires a high bandwidth for smooth streaming and that is no longer happening. It can get very frustrating to get to the part that really turns me on and I’m ready to let go and “scream”….the screen freezes, it just stops. I don’t even know what to do, my rocketpocket is still going, my fingers are in place, my clitoris is “screaming’ to finish, my body is all tensed up ready and my brain says “wait, we are not at the best part yet. OOOFFF.


The Solution: Downloading Porn

Downloading the movies, not the short 8-10 minutes ones, but the full 40 minutes versions. As usual, it starts with research. There are the boutique sites, when they have their themes and one can pay for the month. Option 2 is find a portal that has many of the boutique sites (that basically has RIPs of these boutique sites) and then download the movies I like. Some can be free (but slow) and there is the option to pay for the fast downloading option.

My Satisfied Clitoris: Orgasms Galore

Suffice to say, I found a solution for my orgasm deficit, I download at night. First thing in the morning I check my downloads, choose my “start the day movie (full screen), pullout my rocket pocket, put on some lube, lean back in my chair and start removing the deficit and moving in to a “surplus”.

For those who are worried that this “surplus” will mean I shall permanently reduce my escorting, its not going to happen. Nothing beats the real thing with all of its variations (some I never even thought about).