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too young for escorts

Age Policy: Too Young for me to visit

As an Escort I Prefer clients >52 years old

My WhatsApp has been very active these last few weeks. Though I know from past experiences that little work will come out of it, I still answer. This time I decided to put together some statistics (clearly I have too much time on my hands).

The most glaring statistic is the age. Over 70% of those who are sending me messages are less than 30 years age. To put that into perspective,  the emails that I receive, the 20-30 year olds are less than 10%.

I won’t be meeting any Israelis’ in that age group. One of the obvious reasons is that the 20- 30 year olds are the age group that makes up my friends. These Israelis could have been with me in High School, perhaps tried to pick me up at a bar at one time, maybe one of them is / will be on my “team” in my public job presently or will be in the future.

There is also more than just some potential awkward meeting that bothers me about their age. This perhaps may sound strange coming from a Tel Aviv escort, but they are “too young for me.”

Poor Education for young men

I don’t like the idea  of twenty year olds visiting escorts, its a poor education on relationships for them. Us escorts are fantasy girls, pleasing our clients (sexually) is why they are inviting us (most of them). A young man in his twenties, who starts to invite us escorts may not learn that in a real relationship with a woman, sex is very much integrated with the rest of relationship and very very sensitive subject. Having an escort as a sexual partner, a young inexperienced man, may not understand this and will get the “wrong” education.”

With an escort all he has to do is ask or just look at me in a certain way and I’m down on my knees. Try that with your  girlfriend and your on the couch for the week.  Like  I wrote, we can give the impressionable and those with little experience the wrong education (I actually gave a lecture about relationships to a young client once).

Older Clients

Older men, in general, have a better grip on life and can balance the different aspects of their lives while enjoying my visits. We fill in a very specific part  of their lives that is missing. I been told that my escorting has even helped to  save marriages.

They can care about me, enjoy their fantasies with me, be it as a girlfriend or a sexual fantasy but they also don’t forget that I am an escort: P2P.