Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel


Transitioning during Corona

Transition to “what?”

The internet is full transitioning stories. How to transition, Who successfully transitioned, What not to do to transition, etc. Most of us in the beginning though this is just a short phase and will soon end and we keep on waiting for it to end.  Small adaptions were good for short term, but this is no longer “short term.”

The Present Pattern…

I now get a tremendous amount of messages via Whatsapp. And for those of you have read my previous blogs, you know that most of those messages will not turn into clients.

A certain pattern has developed over the last two months. One of the reasons, I believe is that the usual turnover of escorts on their world tour has stopped. This means the men who are now visiting girls who are here are visiting the same girls even though the advertisement pictures have changed.

And they are not to happy about it. I’ve heard this story a few times already, a new pict of an escort, as if she just arrived. The meeting is made, and our “client” enters the apt and its the same girl he saw last month with the same  “cold attitude.”

They Ask me for Help in choosing an Escort..

Eventually the same client will find my ad and write me. If for whatever the reason I turn him down, realizing that he is talking to an actual Israeli escort, he may ask for help.

He may ask for example if I have a friend. Working alone in this, as I do, I have no “friends” to recommend. He may then admit to his frustration of the “other girls”, those  whos picts are fake or are run by the “mafia.” I admit I have a tempation to help.

Since I do keep track of my competition, I do have a better idea which girls are actually working and which picts are more the “bait and switch” kind.

My Transitioning

Any way I look at it, any kind of transition here to help clients find an escort turns me into some kind of pimp.

I think I’ll pass up on this transition and concentrate on my furthering my education in my public profession.