Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Vaccine & Escorting: a Must

Have I been vaccinated? its probably in everyone¬† of my emails these days. Well, I can happily say my turn has come and I’ve now received my second vaccine as well as my “Tav Yarok” (Green Passport).

The Vaccination and its limitations

Yes I’m aware of the arguments pro and con and yes I’m aware of of the side affects. In the end however it was a “risk-managment” choice. Where was the greater risk… my decision was to take the vaccine. Part of the decision was based on it not being just about me, but about the population that I work with (public job and escorting).

The Vaccine and the Hope it Brings

I admit to a private hope as well. We are all aware that Israel is leading the world in getting its population vaccinated. Will this bring back the tourists and businessmen? My clients?

Perhaps that vaccination can turn into part of Israels’ Medical Tourism. People coming to israel for a 3 weeks, get vaccinated, stay in Israel for 3 weeks, visit the sites, get¬† the second shot and invite Kim for the celebration?