My Clients Really Like Me 🙂

Commments from a few clients

City / Country: Tel Aviv, Israel     Meeting date: 10.6.2022     Meeting length: 1 hour     Costs: 450 USD    

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She really gave me a true GFE experience, I felt as if she was there for me 100%. I asked her for a few special favors and she was very agreeable. In addition, she seems to have enjoyed the visit with me as much as i enjoyed it. This was my second time visiting her, I found it impossible to get her out of my head after I first invited her to my hotel years ago. Covid kept me from visiting Israel and it really was starting to make me crazy. thank you kim, once again 🙂

Meeting date:2020-10-09 | Duration: 1 hours | City:Tel Aviv | Looks:10.0 | Services:10.0 | Communication:8.5

I had a wonderful time :). I know that sounds a bit silly given that I invited her for sex, but I was surprised. She doesn’t offer a PSE but makes up for it with a very personal experience. Her body is great, smooth, slim, natural tits. She knows how to tease with her eyes and body (think of a sexy lapdance, but with a proper ending). Well recommended. Met her at a hotel with day use. independent with her own extensive website and blog:


55yr 0ld American

Feb 2020: It started off with google, I found her through a search and then started to read the blogs. Intellectually she had me at ‘Hello.”

She was a few minutes late, but she did email me, so again she received a additional points for that. Her arrival, just like so many blogs write about, had me speechless. I admit I’m a sucker for pretty, slim, busty blonds…Gorgeous would be a better description.

I don’t have much to add other than it was time well spent, she was a wonderful surprise. All the promises of the website and emails were all kept.

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48yr old, Canadian

Jan 2019:  First, let me tell you that there are differences between you and the pics on your site, but in my opinion all are in you favour. I found your body to be much more attractive than the pics may point to, much more natural and your skin was perfect. Your face and the way those beautifull eyes of yours looked at me was very exciting. I can not imagine anyone been disappointed when meeting you.

Then comes your sensuality, you are sexy, damm sexy do not get me wrong but there is an additional component of sensuality ( a trait much more difficult to master) that can get anyone hooked the minute you look at them.

Finally, and I will be respectful about the rest, you are a true woman, a wonderful partner and left me with this desire that will drive me to you again if I ever be so lucky as to have you again

Truly the definition of a courtesan in the most elegant, sensual, intoxicating level there is.

Thank you for the memories that will stay with me for a while, for what you so delicately and masterfully shared with me

P.S. Now that I read some of your blog, I have to try the whole yoga pants thing, your blog made me discover a new fetish I did not knew I had 😉

49yr old, Investment Manager, from Canada

Dec 2018: Few words can express my more than pleasant surprise. I’m not a neophyte with inviting girls for companionship on my travels, but Kim takes top honors. Starting with the reviews I read, the personal emails with her to coordinate her visit and mutual expectations cumulating with her actual visit.

As per her website: Natural Blonde, Natural D Boobs, slim and just a “knock Out” the kind you try not to stare at while going about your business. The “companionship action” was on par with her looks and the stylish clothes she wore, from her high heels to the dress with the low cut front to her makeup.

I can verify that she is very real.

55yr old, Lawyer, from the US

Jul 2018: YOGA PANTS!!!!! So many times I go to my yoga class and there are tho se slim girls around me, in front of me changing positions and I so much want to “freeze” the room while their ass is in the right position, go to her, pull down her pants and just “stick it in.”

This must be the standard fantasy of every man who is one of those yoga classes, thank god for Kim as she gave me the release. Now when I’m back at my yoga class, I’ll be able to remember that I actually had Kim, a Tel Aviv Escort,  and that she was far prettier, far sexier than those girls around me!

55yr old Economic Advisor from the US

Mar 2018 After a short search on Google, looking for the best private Tel Aviv Escort, I found her blog which was quite entertaining. I couldn’t decide whether to ask for the “secretary or the yoga pants.” During our emails I explained my dilemma and Kim gave me the solution of bringing both outfits.

We added some time as being older I knew I would need a bit of extra time for the second round, but after reading her blog for months, and getting excited over here, it was the best decision.