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Video Chat with an Escort

Video Chat with an Escort 

Economic pressures cause us independent escorts to start thinking of alternative income streams. This virus has obviously been a major turn of events.  As I do my research, I read that many escorts and other sex workers have turned to video chat with an escort (which includes virtual sex) as an alternative.

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Actually I didn’t really give it any serious thought: video chat. There are a few reasons:

  1. Privacy
  2. Services
  3. Marketing
  4. Economics
  5. Technical
  6. Legal Aspects

Outside of my total exposure, which obviously is not going to happen, there is the whole marketing aspect.

Chat Services is a very different from that of escorting.  Where as escorting is a very personal service, video chat is a show. Connecting to client(s) successfully on a video chat is a talent.

Marketing Adult Chatting has even more competition than the escorting world. I would be competing with real porn stars and hundreds, thousands of girls all across the globe.

My present client base as an escort is not the same client base as those that use webchats. I would basically be starting from zero.

I would, at least in the beginning have to join an existing “chat site” (webcam) where I would have to prove who I  am  (full ID exposure).

Economically I do know that some girls can make a fortune, though most of the girls make very little.  Things may be changing soon in this aspect  as additional people become more interested in  online adult  chat.  Still, its not for me. (And I can’t see myself spending hours looking at  a camera, undressing and dressing and talking nonsense all day.)

Technically, its simple, however adding a payment system based on time is not so simple. Assuming one is successful we then have to look at the different server options as bandwidth and speed. Success in “Adult Chatting” requires quantity and requires a whole lot of technical knowledge, if one  is going independent.


I haven’t even touched the legality of it. I do know that each country has its own set of laws defining what is permissible and what is not. I don’t need that additional headache to deal with.

Not Going to Happen

I certainly wish good luck to those escort girls who add video chat to their list of services. Obviously its not for me and is not going to happen.

Like so many other small business I’m just going to have to wait this out and hope I can return to my clients sooner than later.