Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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Whats a girl to do during her Period?

Well, for those who write me an express and interest in me visiting with them during my period, I first make it clear that there is no “main event.”

I then offer a few options:

1. The first one is a very erotic time with me, with a few options as to the type of massage
2. The second is that they can wait for me
3. or that they can keep on looking. (if they decide upon this one, they then ask if I have any “friends” or suggestions for my replacement. Usually they are a bit embarrassed to ask me for help, but I always try).


The Prostrate Massage

Of the various massages I offer (none of them as a professional masseuse), its the prostrate massage that is by far the most popular and this includes woman as well as men (both straight and gay).
This was yet another surprise for me. It seems to have served as an excuse for many of my clients to give it a try since the main event was off the menu.

And my other massage talents? the Xantionian, well thats a bit of a secret where only my most trusted clients get that one.