Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

It has rained today, it may not be snow but it does mean that the winter has arrived. For my work as an escort it means its time to break out the leather boots, the winter jacket (and I can wear something very sexy underneath.

telaviv escorting

Its just so sexy to walk into a hotel with my coat, leather boots, stockings, long blond hair, and just sense the men trying not to stare at me while imaging me naked, while I walk by.


and then of course is the best part. I enter the hotel room go to chair which is usually across the room, put down my purse and look at my client. Usually at this point he is like a little kid at Christmas just waiting to open up his present. His mouth is a little bit open, eyes open wide, breathing a bit a faster while he watches every move I make.


So I just slow down, I face him and take off my jacket, turn and put it on the chair and then just stand there….usually they don’t say much just take it all in: tall, slim, big boob (all natural) D cups just standing there in front of him.


Usually at this point I have to take the initiative, so I might ask them to come to the bed and sit on the bed, while I’m standing in front of him, slowly turning around, and sitting on him (lap dance). As his “member” gets hard (I lift up my skirt so that I can feel it), and I start getting wet, we then have to decide upon what happens next. That will depend upon the type of person. If he is passive and clearly enjoys me taking control, I’ll keep up with the lap dancing, making him harder and me wetter…


the look on their faces is simply priceless (which reminded me of this video)